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…because we don’t self-advertise, so You must have heard about Us.
Because we’ve been challenging the notions of what a creative agency should be since ‘11
…because we’re That Good…
Because we work with our clients, rather than simply for them.
And because we’ve been expecting you too!

So now that we’ve met, here’s a little more…

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We’re a creative agency operating out of Timisoara,
the up-and-coming hotspot for new business in the heart of Europe,for a client list that spans across the world wide web.

We’ve been schooled in the fine arts of visual communication, and hardened by the rigorous work-experience of major
advertising agencies. Since 2011, we don’t work for agencies anymore. We work for You. We are…

Laura Lazin

Laura Lazin

Creative Mastermind

studied photography at the University of Arts and Design Cluj-Napoca, is also a jewelry designer and a DIY enthusiast. A branding and packaging genie, is a lover of smart design and never forgets about function when working with form.
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Sergiu Lazin

Sergiu Lazin

Lead Imaginator

has a degree in graphic design from the Art University in sunny Timisoara which he uses to create and establish killer brands in any economic climate. He loves telling stories through imagery and believes that hard work, honesty and talent are the only values that will stand the test of time.
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Aegon Group is one of the biggest financial services company in the world, specializing in life insurance, private pension plans and investment sollutions. Since 2012 we have been working closely with the marketing specialists of Aegon Romania, providing art direction, graphic and web design services. Our work can be found in Aegon’s various marketing campaigns, internal communications, as well as their web and social media presence.
Carmen Marinas
Carmen Marinas Marketing Specialist, Aegon Romania LinkedIn
I like to think of Laura&Sergiu rather as my colleagues then a supplier. Fast, reliable, creative, patient and customer centric – this is what Dream TM means. A partner every marketing department deserves!
The Romanian Airports Association (RAA) was formed with the purpose of promoting and representing the civil airports of Romania, their aeronautical, technical, economic and legal interests, to develop and streamline their business, and to increase their traffic and revenue. The Association Headquarters is in Cluj Avram Iancu International Airport. Our collaboration extends from the Association’s various marketing and events collateral to the marketing campaigns and new route launches of the International Airport in Cluj.

GAP Supply is a US based manufacturer and supplier of high­end LED lighting products. They provide a variety of custom lighting installations, with an ever expanding product range. We have been working with this company since its inception, and over the years we have created and reinvented their corporate image, as well as their product packaging range. A particularly interesting project was the interactive lighting map application, which allows users to visualize the many applications of the GAP Supply lighting installations. Check it out here.
Greg Price
Greg Price CEO, GAP Supply LinkedIn
We approached DREAM TM and was very impressed with some initial designs for our company. Sergiu, and Laura helped us build a brand in the early stages of our company and refine it through the years. The result was beyond our expectations! One thing we liked was their attention to detail and creative input. I found the experience to be nothing short of professional and I would recommend DREAM TM without reservation.
Home Garden is a local brand of canned foods. It became a major player in the canned products market in 2004, and soon managed to establish itself as a market leader of canned vegetables, fruits, fish, pickles and dishes. Home Garden has over 100 products that strictly comply with high standards of quality and hygiene, that can be found from corner stores to supermarkets across Romania. We began working for Home Garden in 2011, after winning a rebranding pitch initiated by the company. Since then, our efforts have been channeled towards re­uniting their entire product range under a common visual guideline. We achieved this through product photography, photo manipulation, art direction, graphic design, desktop publishing and brand consultancy.
Ghassan Shakhshir
Ghassan Shakhshir Marketing Manager, Safeway International LinkedIn
Readiness, professionalism, goal orientation, transparency and reliability are the values I think about when working with Sergiu and Laura. Dream TM is the first team to take Home Garden and Safeway to a new level in design and communication. Truly, working with Dream TM is a pleasure because I know everything will be done fast and at a high quality, effectively helping me do my job. I greatly recommend them!
Shopping City Galati is the only major retail mall in the city of Galati. Part of the NEPI Investment Group, they provide a high­end shopping experience for a wide range of local and regional clientele. We began a fruitful collaboration with their marketing department in early 2015, providing art direction, graphic design and desktop publishing services for their monthly marketing campaigns.

Chopstix Ready to Box is a Asian Cuisine Fast Food Franchise. With several stores in the food courts of Bucharest Malls and with ambitious plans to expand nationally, Chopstix is quickly becoming a household name for people who desire quality Asian Food quickly. Naturally, their visual communication needs are high. From disposable tray cloths to in store product display stands, to billboards, banners and take­out boxes. The real challenge when working for Chopstix was to make everything look enticing, and to make the viewer crave their delicious food. We did this by photo­manipulation, art direction, graphic and web design, desktop publishing and catch­phrase copyrighting. So if you ever found yourself craving some Spicy Chopstix chicken, then we did our job right.
Andrei Trandaf
Andrei Trandaf Administrator, Chopstix Romania LinkedIn
It was difficult for us to find the right creative team to suit our demanding marketing agenda.Laura&Sergiu checked all the boxes we were looking for: creative, efficient, communicative, patient with our decision process and very result oriented. A rare combination of skill sets that any business, no matter how large or small, can benefit from. We highly reccomend them.
Softelligence is a leading international provider of business software services that combines powerful technological know-how with genuine customer orientation. Softelligence stands out as a „provider of choice” for global top 10 players in financial services, manufacturing, retail and oil & gas. They contracted us to update their corporate image to the cutting edge of visual design, to better reflect their status as innovators in the dynamic field of software development. Our work includes consultancy, art direction, graphic design, UI design and desktop publishing.

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We are young, enthusiastic and passionate.
The universe has been kind by allowing us to do what we like and to like what we do.
We believe that visual communication is an art form, and although our main objective is to help you sell, what we secretly wish for your company is to achieve greatness – the kind that leaves a lasting mark; the kind that makes the world a little better than it was before; the kind that people get hopelessly attached to.
This is what we do: we attach people to your ideas. Here’s how –


You have an idea for a new company. You have a business plan, a target audience, a solid business network and a budget. You probably even have a name in mind too. Great! We will give you what you lack the most: an identity.

We don’t do logos. We create brands – which means that however large or small your project might be, we make sure that everything you communicate to the public, from giant billboards in city centers to humble e-mail signatures carry the same visual weight that make your company unique.

New Media

So you’ve been in business for over a decade. You remember the age of dial-up internet. You look your future business partner in the eye, and don’t consider a contract sealed until the final hand-shake. OR, your entire business sprouts out of a laptop, a smarthpone, and your great tenacity and networking know-how. Great! We will give you what you lack the most: an online persona.

We don’t do facebook ads. We create viral tidal-waves (#viralwaves™) – which means that we take your business, however old or new, and we simplify, streamline, resize, optimize, socialize , and advertise it in the most pretentious, competitive and fast-paced medium the world has even known – the internet. So whenever your target audience sneezes, you’ll be there to offer your neatly branded handkerchief. And if you think that’s excessive, just remember this: Your competitor DOESN’T!

Art Direction

You have a company that’s been around for a while. You’ve made a name for yourself in your field of expertise. You want to launch a new product or service, one that none of your competitors have and you want EVERYONE to know this. Great! We will give you what you lack the most: a creative direction. We don’t do commercials. We create stories – which means we find that edge, that novelty, that gap in the system that you want to fill and we present it to the world in a way that’s suprising, interesting, trustworthy and most of all, memorable. We make whatever you’re doing matter.

You tell us

So you’ve got a really, really outlandish idea? Got an interactive, three dimensional, business-ready, multy-platform, intuitive, game-changing idea? Great! We will give you what you lack the most: expertise.

Over the years we’ve worked with specialists from all walks of the digital universe. From 3D experts, to coding gurus, to sound engineers, to photographers and videographers, we have a network of IT experts who love only one thing better than their chosen profession – A CHALLENGE.
So to all you crazy idealists out there hoping to make your psychedelic dreams a reality, we can only say one thing – bring it!

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By now you have a pretty good idea about who we are, what we do, how we do it and why.
So if you think that we are what you’ve been expecting, get in touch with us today. Here’s how –

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